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Mail & Small Parcel

Compact and mobile systems for mailroom and small parcel inspection to detect contraband, narcotics, and other threat materials. Astrophysics offers 5 products for this application with tunnel sizes ranging from 53.3 cm x 35.4 cm to 65.1 cm x 45.4 cm.


MKDS provides the highest level of training for Screening instruments operation and program settings or how to use them to best identify the most concealed threats. We offer On-Site screening checkpoint classroom training (initial and recurrent) which includes hands-on and practical applications, and Computer-Based Training (CBT) that provides your students with hands-on video demonstrations, and Threat Detection Training which the OEM's do NOT provide

The Training aids used in our courses perfectly simulate explosives byway of appearance, tactility, X-ray correctness, density, and effective atomic number (Zeff). This realism packed together with the safety of these items makes these Training Aids invaluable to security officer education. Learn More