Trango Tactical Training Solutions

Fully modular systems for tactical combat training in the realistic settings of urban environment. The complexity of the urban environment, often crowded, offers numerous possibilities for adversaries to hide or shield before surprise attack. Trango offers modular solutions allowing for flexible and dynamic training. Tailor the configuration to address your particular urban terrain challenges. Easily modify, move, and enhance – as required (light weight and fully modular)


Advanced training infrastructure designed to perfectly simulate urban environment. Mobile modular shoot houses are designed using building packs that allow creating different building types to practice combat operational skills in various scenarios. In addition to standard shoot house kits, you may create a fully customized building environment based on your training requirements and/or floorplans.

Basic Kit

Floor-space: 23 m² | 247 ft²

Advanced Kit

Floor-space: 35 m² | 376 ft²

Expert Stand-Alone

Floor-space: 51 m² | 548 ft²

Expert | Integrated

15 x 12 m | 40 x 50 ft



73 m² |785 ft²



Pro +

Floor-space: 170 m² | 1830 ft²


Train tactical skills and situational awareness in the realistic environment of CQB Tactical Training Tracks. Designed to enhance small units’ and forces organic training capabilities. The optimal infrastructure solution is designed to enhance forces’ micro-tactical abilities and allow for flexible training at all levels.

Practice different firing positions
Enhance rapid target acquisition capabilities
Gain & enhance decision-making skills
Practice movement between covers
Improve situational awareness
Train multi-angle fire skills

SWAT TRAINING - Street Environment Warfare

Realistic modular training infrastructure that provides ideal settings for a coordinated team-squad level training Enables combatants to train for complex operational movement while simulating 360 degrees threat. The high level of training complexity can be used to improve the commander C2 abilities as well.


Confront advancement and clearing dilemmas
Train for complex combat in a dark environment
Practice tunnel clearing techniques
Enhance decision making skills
Improve situational awareness
Train to adapt to different heights while moving in a tunnel

By exploiting underground or other hidden infrastructure, the enemy can take the initiative and surprise a more powerful opponent. Trango’s subterranean infrastructure provides a training environment that simulates underground settings of a tunnel, thus preparing your forces to confront the demanding conditions of subterranean warfare.