Weapons Intelligence Team

Weapons Intelligence (WI) is a pivotal function of the global war on terror’s overall intelligence effort. An understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures – including the equipment, and technical ability of a terrorist group, and its links to similar groups and individuals, is key to the defeat of terrorism. With that in mind, the Weapons Intelligence Team Operations and Planning course has been specifically designed to introduce students to a number of scenarios in the form of case studies and field exercises, while outlining the tactics, techniques and procedures necessary to gather IED related evidence and intelligence in both the homeland and high-threat environments.

MKDS WIT course will provide C-IED operators and commanders with the practical skills required to accurately gather evidence and intelligence at the scene of an IED incident as well as its subsequent collation, assessment and dissemination for use in wider anti-terrorism operations.


The training will focus on the IED components, Threat Assessment and the planning aspect of high level search planning and execution. It will include table top exercises, syndicate planning and field training. As part of the training the students will be exposed to functional IED training devices, Enemy TTP`s when emplacing IED`s, IED components and switches.


IED Components – IED Triggers – HME Awareness – Threat Assessment – Method of Attack – VBIED Threat – Principals of Search – Occupied / Unoccupied Building Search – Person Search – Vehicle Search – Evidence Collection/Handling – Actions on Find.


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