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March 2020 - Ottawa (ON) Canada

This course has been designed for distribution of knowledge as it relates to the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) for personnel assigned duties within the C-IED fight. We highly encourage Intelligence Analysts, K-9, Counter-Threat Finance, Forensics and IEDD Operators who are seeking an entry level course in understanding IED Electronics to attend.

The Participants will conclude this course by making more complex IED circuits, taking lessons such as the MOSFET timer circuit to create a safe separation timer and add their choice of a Make, Break, or Light Detect circuit. At the end of the course Participants are challenged with a series of IED construction exercises with a scenario and using all lessons taught, materials provided to construct IED circuits.


Introduction to IED Electronics Course is intended by design to be light on theory with emphasis of hands on practical exercises to familiarize the Participant with the subject of electronics as it relates to the design, construction, and exploitation of the IED. We begin with detailing the types of components used in IED’s, their schematic symbols, begin prototyping circuits using breadboards, which the Participants will construct various victim operated devices and safe arm circuits using components covered in day one.

Introduction to detonators, both commercial and improvised will be covered on day one. Characteristics of both types of detonators and the construction principles and methods of improvised detonators explain, and examples provided to showcase potential hazards faced with encountering improvised detonators.

Courses offered exclusively to Verifiable Military and Law Enforcement officials only. Request for information at Training@MKDS-Training.com


Day two begins where day one finishes; building upon the lessons and skills developed the day prior. We will cover the relay, how it operates in the IED as a collapsing circuit and command wire firing device. The day progresses into semi-conductors. The Participants will be able to construct Light Detect, Dark Detect, Make, and Break circuits using the transistor, MOSFET and Thyristor (SCR).

Day three, the course covers DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) and its use in Remote Controlled IED (RCIED) construction. A demonstration will be provided on the new (old) threat of microcontroller use in IED. We will start with the Micro:Bit, a system built by the British Broadcast Corporation, targeted to schoolchildren as young as eight years old, and the popular Arduino. This module gives the Participants insight into the rapid development of embedded technology, and its use in the IED.

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