IED Electronics & Diagnostics

The IED Electronics and Diagnostics course is specialized First Responder equipment and training, which provides Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operators engaged in combat missions involving Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs) increased individual technical proficiency in EOD electronics with emphasis on current enemy IED circuits. The IED Electronics Lab Set & Equipment with IED Electronics Lab Training Course is designed from an EOD Operator perspective.

Our Advanced IED Electronics course covers microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP 32, etc… and integrating AI such as ChatGPT and providing best practices for design and Anti-forensics.

Course conducted in Montreal at MKDS training facility or at your home-base. Contact us to schedule your training.


HME, Electronics and IEDD SME

Top Secret/SCI (Active) Clearance - Master EOD Technician - Master Instructor Certified - Curriculum Developer - Special Operations Qualified - Combat Veteran

- Lead Instructor for the basic and advanced IED Electronics Course (Instructed 78 Courses)
- Lead Course Development for IED Bomber Maker Course (Instructed 22 Courses)
- Lead Course Development for Home Made Explosives Course (Instructed 94 HME LVIII mixing courses)
- Designed and developed IED CD4060 Timer Board, SCR IED board, DTMF and 4011 Dual purpose firing devices
- Conducted IED and Bomb Maker profiling courses to Special Forces FoX team members prior to overseas deployment.
- Course Development for JATAC Advanced IED Defeat Course
- Course Development for Bomb Fusion Element


IED Electronics & Exploitation
February 5-9.2024

IED Electronics & Exploitation
March 18-22.2024

Advanced IED Electronics
May 13-17.2024 |
Montreal QC. | Spots Available

Advanced IED Electronics
May 20-24.2024
Montreal QC. | No Spots Available

The course is designed from an EOD Operator perspective and include the Fundamental electronic principles relevant to IED circuit, trigger and fuse construction.


Covers the design, construction and exploitation of improvised explosive devices. Electronic Triage – determine functioning, frequency, output power. EOD Technicians must sustain a high level of circuit familiarity in order to diagnose and defeat the system and safely dispose of the explosive hazard. Operators are trained on reverse engineering the IED device and provide detailed analysis of the device.