HHMD Training

VAST is a training system for handheld IED, UXO, & Mine detectors. VAST increases trainer efficiency and reduces the training burden by providing visual feedback on the key elements of handheld detector swing technique including the swing speed, swing path and coverage, and the detector search head height and angle relative to the ground. The visual display allows for a detailed analysis of a detector operator’s performance that can be used to enhance instruction and after-action review.

VAST Training provides visual feedback on detector swing by tracking the 3D position, speed and tilt angle of a detector search head. The system includes a small transmitter module that is attached to the shaft of any handheld detector and contains ultrasonic transmitters, an ultrasonic height sensor and a miniature inertial measurement unit. The transmitter emits ultrasonic pulses and communicates wirelessly with two tracking belts that contain ultrasonic receivers, which are placed on the edges of the training lane. The belts communicate over Bluetooth with an Android tablet that processes and visualizes detector trajectory information to the trainer.

OPFOR Mine Effects Simulation (MES) Kit

The OPFOR MES-KIT was developed to help conduct realistic force-on-force field training exercises where AP/AT mines and tripwire devices are used extensively. Plan an exercise, track unit(s) movements, and record team hits in real-time. This kit is expandable, you can add multiple different AP, AT mines, and tripwire devices.