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MKDS Training offers the largest line of Inert IED Training Aids and X-Ray Correct devices, replica weapons and Ordnance. We offer an extensive range of training aids, X-Ray Correct devices, DHS-approved ETD consumables, Inert Ordnance, Inert weapons, IED training Kits and much more.

Our selection of inert improvised explosive devices and other threats have been crafted by masters of the field and cover the most common components seen in security checkpoints such as PVC pipes for pipe bombs, dynamite, liquid Peroxide, Semtex, and Ammonium nitrate. We also carry the various types of inert firing circuits and blasting caps usually found in IEDs, as well as mail threat IEDs packaged in boxes and envelopes of different sizes. A multitude of inert grenades, guns, and knives are available. (ALL PRICES ARE IN US DOLLARS)

The Products listed are restricted to official training use only and are NOT available to the general public. Some of these items are export controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). These controls take the form of export regulations and license requirements.