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UPCOMING - RF IED Circuit Workshop

The Radio Frequency IED Circuit Workshop is designed to train EOD staff on Radio frequency IED threats and how they can be constructed using commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology. The students will be provided classroom and hands on training on multiple Radio Frequency IED circuits. We will also supply each student with all the tools and component to build these functional devices in a classroom setting. Offered exclusively to verified Military and Law Enforcement EOD Specialists. 4 spots still available.


Counter-Threat Solutions

MKDS is a primary provider of specialized counter-terrorism equipment to governments, law enforcement agencies and International corporations to include X-Ray Inspection systems, Force protection, Explosive detectors, Stand-off detection and CBRNE Defence. We provide government agencies and International corporations with strategic advisory services to help manage and reduce their risks from acts of terrorism, protect their assets, and adapt to the ever-changing operational needs.


Diagnostics Trainer & Exercise Board

Developed and designed for EOD operators to train and maintain circuit diagnostic skills. The Diagnostic Trainer allows the operator, to train and maintain TTPs on basic detonator diagnostics to more advanced switch and sensor diagnostics. The Exercise Board allows the operator to build devices and set up scenarios without spending time with circuit design and soldering. It consists of a variety of built in electronics, selectable inputs for switches and sensor, and protected and unprotected outputs.


Inert Training Aids & Replica Weapons

Our selection includes the highest quality training aids for military, law enforcement, and government agencies. With a focus on threat awareness, our comprehensive selection of products makes us the one-stop shop for all your training needs, from EOD training kits to IED devices, ordnance, mines, grenades and X-Ray correct training kits for x-ray operators training.

MKDS is the exclusive Canadian distributor for the largest line of training aids including the Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials (AOTM) which is designed to enable instructors to visually demonstrate all functioning aspects of common fuzing and ordnance. The education provided by AOTM's products is utilized by both the US Military and Humanitarian Mine Action programs around the globe.

X-Ray Inspection Systems

MKDS provides security screening solutions for aviation, air cargo, military, law enforcement and other mission-critical applications, for the detection of weapons, explosives and contraband.



Compact and mobile systems for mailroom and small parcel inspection to detect contraband, narcotics and other threat materials. Tunnel sizes ranging from 53.3 cm x 35.4 cm to 65.1 cm x 45.4 cm.


Checkpoint inspection of incoming personnel, visitor or traveler belongings, including backpacks, laptop bags, purses and luggage. Tunnels ranging from 60cm x 40 cm to 77.5 cm x 58.3 cm.


Inspection systems with an increased tunnel size for screening baggage, oversized luggage and large crates and parcels. Tunnels ranging from 58.4 cm x 78.3 cm to 120 cm x 100 cm


TSA/STAC/Air Canada qualified X-Ray systems for cargo screening of freight and incoming packages. Single and dual view systems are available. tunnels ranging from 58.4cm x 78.3 cm to 180.3cm x 190cm.


- Mobile screening solutions for quick and efficient security at borders, customs sites, entertainment and sporting events. Featuring a built in x-ray system with a tunnel size of 100cm x 100cm.

- Vehicle screening solutions to protect our ports, border crossings and other entrances against threats and other illegal items.


MKDS staff Consist of a strong team of experts from a wide range of disciplines both technical and military. Our team represents years of practical, real life experience in counter terrorism operations, from many hotspots around the globe with world knowledge operational experience in High Risk Search Operations Route Clearance and IEDD.

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Training Approach

Training can be modular depending on resources, time available and student numbers. MKDS can provide MTT to deliver training at home station with realistic training scenarios and final exercises to confirm: check on learning. You can choose from our standard course program or build your own from our modular menu approach.

Our Capabilities

MKDS Training is a recognized market leader in delivering Counter-Terrorism solutions, specialist consultancy, Strategic operational support and training. We provide government agencies and International corporations with strategic advisory services to help manage and reduce their risks from acts of terrorism, protect their assets, and adapt to the ever-changing operational needs.

We provide a wide range of high level specialized training courses that includes; High Risk Search (HRS), Counter-suicide Bomber Operations and PLanning, Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) and Assault IED Defeat Operations & Planning.


Specialized CT Training
Military Training Aids
Counter-Threat Solutions


Explosive & Narcotics Trace Detection Systems Consumables

MKDS is a distributor of DHS-approved trace detection consumables used in the operation and maintenance

of all explosive trace detection (ETD) instruments commercially available.

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