MobileDetect APP

The MobileDetect App automates the detection process of the MobileDetect Pouch. The App performs automated detection by capturing a picture of the MobileDetect Pouch and analyzing the reaction that has taken place on the testing swab. The MobileDetect App allows for quick and powerful presumptive substance testing on the most popular platform in the world, smartphones.

App Features

Designed to be Used with MobileDetect Pouches

The combination of the MobileDetect App and Pouches brings presumptive field drug testing to the masses.

Drugs Detected

  • Opiates: Fentanyl, Heroin, Morphine, Oxycodone, Suboxone®, more
  • Stimulants: Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Amphetamines, more
  • Synthetics: Cannabinoids (K2/Spice, more) and Cathinones (Bath Salts)
  • THC: Marijuana, Hash Oil, Hash, Edibles, Vaping Products, more
  • Hallucinogens: MDMA/Ecstasy, PCP, LSD, Psilocybin, more
  • Depressants: Ketamine, Barbiturates, Rohypnol, more

Build and Share Advanced Reports

Generate a non-editable PDF to be shared via email, Dropbox, text, etc.

Log and Save Tests with Pictures, Notes, and GPS Location

Add additional pictures, test details, timestamps, GPS location, and more.


Request a Demonstration

We will provide you with a complete capabilities demonstration at your home-base, allowing the front line operators to put the Seeker to the test.

MobileDetect Pouches

The MobileDetect Pouche design allows for trace and bulk detection capabilities using the integrated swab and proven colorimetric reagents. The MobileDetect Pouch is a cost effective and powerful tool for presumptive drug detection. The pouch can be used on its own or with the MobileDetect App for automated detection.