HVM Barrier


Winner of the Counter Terror Awards – Physical Security Award, the Surface Guard barrier has been designed to provide temporary HVM (hostile vehicle mitigation) for pedestrian zones, stadiums, festivals, mass gatherings and VIP visits.

Award Winning security

The Surface Guard™ barrier system is specifically designed for pedestrian protection in public spaces. The rapid deployment and its ability to traverse curbs and traffic islands as well as uneven roadways makes it the perfect solution to protect any event while maintaining freedom of movement.

Lightweight design

Supplied in individual units, each section is lightweight and able to be stacked completely flat making transportation very straightforward. The barrier system is compact, easy to store, lightweight, painless to transport, robust and effortless to install, making it the ideal temporary event security solution.

Surface mounted

The system is completely surface mounted, modular and incorporates a number of innovative features which allows its deployment from lightweight vehicles in a very short period of time and to secure a multitude of different site scenarios. What sets the Surface Guard apart from other temporary HVM barriers is that can deal with road cambers and changes in levels as a result of curbs and traffic islands.

Pedestrian accessible

Surface Guard is completely pedestrian and bicycle permeable; an additional vehicle access point can be added to allow authorised emergency service vehicles access in an emergency.

Anchoring methods

Able to be fitted utilising a variety of anchoring methods which are subject to site survey. Anchors include permanent methods which can be installed if events are in the same location at multiple times each year or completely temporary, surface mounted methods where events are ‘one-off’ and in varying locations.