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• Reduced travel and facility costs with virtual classrooms
• Faster employee time to proficiency
• Lower administrative program management costs
• Less financial risk associated with meeting regulatory compliance requirements
• Decreased employee turnover costs by providing focused training and development
• Improved company performance by ensuring training activities are strategically aligned with employee development needs
• Reduced hardware costs by utilizing online training in lieu of downloading an internal system

Exact Functions: Image enhancement functions are displayed exactly as on the machine (including VARI in all views).
Multiple Views: Capable of displaying images in a second view.
Reporting: As an administrator or responsible person you will receive a monthly list of training times of the participants for checking and for submission to the competent authority.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP and higher
Browser: Firefox 21+, Chrome, Internet Explorer Version 8+
Internet Connection Speed: Minimum 1.000 kBit/s
Screen Resolution: Minimum 1280vx800
Available Languages: German, English


The “Smiths Detection X-Ray Operations” online course enables operators to make the best and proper use of the Smiths Detection HI-SCAN X-ray inspection unit.

Participants can select the desired course language at any time (currently German or English).

The course is divided into training units which build on one another.

Upon successful completion of the online course, participants will be able to switch on the X-ray inspection unit, to log in and out, to operate the system and, in particular, to use the available image evaluation functions effectively. Participants will be able to correct problems (for example, baggage jams) and to carry out simple maintenance and cleaning work.

At the end of each unit, participants are required to answer questions to ensure they have understood the course content. Individual units can be repeated at any time. The questions at the end of each unit will change automatically.

At the end of the online course, a test is carried out, during which the acquired knowledge will be tested by means of 20 questions. Upon successful completion of the test, each participant receives a certificate of participation; if a test is not passed, it can be retaken.


At the beginning of the course, various HI-SCAN unit types and their preferred fields of application are presented. After an introduction into how the system works, the participants get to know the essential parts of an X-ray inspection unit. Furthermore, the nature of X-rays, the characteristics, and the technical generation of X-rays are explained.

The topic of safety is dealt with in great detail in this online course. This course unit focuses on the safety of the operating personnel, the public, and the equipment. Moreover, it is explained which objects are generally allowed to be X-rayed and what is to be considered in particular.

As part of the presentation of the controls and indicators, the course will explain the start-up and shutdown of the unit, the typical inspection process, and the evaluation of X-ray images using the various image display modes of the HiTraX software. (ID#: STI0005)