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• Reduced travel and facility costs with virtual classrooms
• Faster employee time to proficiency
• Lower administrative program management costs
• Less financial risk associated with meeting regulatory compliance requirements
• Decreased employee turnover costs by providing focused training and development
• Improved company performance by ensuring training activities are strategically aligned with employee development needs
• Reduced hardware costs by utilizing online training in lieu of downloading an internal system

Exact Functions: Image enhancement functions are displayed exactly as on the machine (including VARI in all views).
Multiple Views: Capable of displaying images in a second view.
Reporting: As an administrator or responsible person you will receive a monthly list of training times of the participants for checking and for submission to the competent authority.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP and higher
Browser: Firefox 21+, Chrome, Internet Explorer Version 8+
Internet Connection Speed: Minimum 1.000 kBit/s
Screen Resolution: Minimum 1280vx800
Available Languages: German, English


When screening air cargo, security officers have to be familiar with the particular characteristics of cargo X-ray images. Objects of different sizes or oversize objects must be evaluated correctly, and the proportions of objects compared to conventional X-ray images must be understood. Therefore, screening techniques can only be trained correctly in this area by using a wide selection of air freight X-ray images.

The technology administered into these courses allows students to simulate on-thejob training like never before. Students are first presented with an X-ray image and can then use the image filter options available on X-ray instruments to better examine it for threats present. Students are then able to select whether or not they see a threat in each image.

Students will for instance virtually encounter the detection and handling of a wide range of unconventional improvised explosive devices (IEDs), various dangerous objects, and the subject of “Dark Alarm”.

Screening air cargo comes with the responsibility of having familiarized oneself with the particular characteristics of X-ray images and how they respond to threats. With the assistance of authentic X-ray interpretation training, screeners are able to deepen any existing knowledge and become able to quickly and reliably detect threats in air cargo X-ray images. (ID#: STI0002)