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MKDS Training in collaboration with DSA Detection offer the highest level of security training standards in the world. Training should be provided by only the best instructors using multidimensional teaching methods to provide informative content.


Instructors of Advanced Threat Detection have to be among the best in their field. Their knowledge, experience, and teaching methods must be perfect, as they are depended upon to provide the right training to homeland security’s best terrorism defense officers. Preparing security officers to halt threats from entering or exiting any location comes along with a responsibility to provide the best training with everything that must be known, whether that means training on the operation and program settings of screening instruments or how to use them to best identify the most concealed threats.


We provide On-Site screening checkpoint classroom training (initial and recurrent) which includes hands-on and practical applications, and Computer-Based Training (CBT) that provides your students with hands-on video demonstrations, and Threat Detection Training which the OEM's do NOT provide

Training with Photographs or X-Ray Images
Alone is Not Enough




Our subject matter experts will provide in-house training, or will host courses at MKDS Training HQ in Montreal. They begin any program by surveying the checkpoint facility and assessing the instruments. Clas sizes are divided into small sessions to allow for an effective teacher student ratio. Students visually examine 100% accurate replications of threats and obtain first-hand experience identifying threats in X-Ray Images of varying difficulties. Our trainers will demonstrate the ins and outs of every type of threat and customize course content to any facility's prohibited items. We can also customize the inert training aids to perfectly coordinate with any organization's training requirements. Learn More




MKDS Training and DSA detection also offer two online course frameworks to choose from, both of which result in certificates of completion from DSA. the Original course platform offers instructor-led videos to simulate classroom instruction using DSA's X-Ray correct training aids. X-Ray tests include threat identification using photos of cluttered bags. The software retains student progress. Students experience viewing an X-Ray monitor as bags move across which may or may not contain threat items. Students can use image key functions to better view the images and to aid them in identifying a threat. Online training is powered by STI, the creator of Operator Training System (OTS) Program. Learn More