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The XIS-6545DVS is a dual-view X-ray Inspection System with tunnel dimensions measuring 65.0 cm x 45.1 cm (25.6” x 17.8”). Designed for high threat security locations, the XIS-6545DVS is ideal for airports, government facilities, ports, hospitals and banks.

The XIS-6545DVS features dual X-ray generators that create two different image perspectives that can be manipulated independently. By utilizing dual-view technology alongside Astrophysics’ 6 Color Imaging and Atomic Z-number Measurement, the XIS-6545DVS provides unparalleled threat identification for any security mission.

Ultimately, the XIS-6545DVS maximizes throughput and enhances detection in locations where efficiency and high security screening is crucial.


Tunnel Size (W x H):

65.0 cm x 45.1 cm (25.6” x 17.8”)

Dimensions (L x W x H):

204.0 cm x 128.3 cm x 135.0 cm (80.3” x 50.5” x 53.2”)

X-ray Generator:

Dual 180kV, Operating at 165kV