XIS-1517DV 200KV

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The XIS-1517DV 200kV is an advanced X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel opening of 150 x 170.2 cm (59” x 67”). The XIS-1517DV 200kV utilizes both dual view technology and high powered generators for improved image screening and increased penetration.

The XIS-1517DV 200kV advanced x ray inspection system was specifically designed for in-depth screening clarity of customs and military cargo.

It has a low conveyor height of just 38.3 cm (15”) and can support 2000 kg (4410 lbs) of cargo without compromising throughput speed, adding to the efficiency and security of any facility or transport hub. The XIS-1517DV 200kV is a quality XIS unit that offers the most cutting edge technology in cargo security. *Also available with a generator output of 180kV or 320kV.


Tunnel Size (W x H):

150 cm x 170.2 cm/ 59” x 67”

Dimensions (L x W x H):

792.2 cm x 259.1 cm x 286 cm/ 312” x 102’”x 112”

X-ray Generator:

Dual 200kV