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The XIS-100X is a versatile X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel size of 101.6 x 101.3 cm (40” x 40”). The XIS-100X is designed for screening oversized luggage, large parcels and small cargo.

One of the most desired systems in the XIS Series, it is a flexible, mid-sized system that offers diverse screening capabilities. The XIS-100X x ray inspection system retains high throughput while providing a bigger tunnel size for larger scale object screening. Thus, the system offers improved efficiency for medium sized screening needs.

Ultimately, the XIS-100X is the cost effective screening solution for airports, customs facilities, and high security sites


Tunnel Size (W x H):

101.6 cm x 101.3 cm/ 40” x 40”

Dimensions (L x W x H):

277.5 cm x 137.2 cm x 191.9 cm/ 109.4” x 54” x 76”

X-ray Generator:

180kV, Operating at 165kV