PM-50 Soviet Pistol


PM-50 – Solid Dummy Replica

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PM-50 – Solid Dummy Replica

This solid dummy replica training aid is constructed of an extremely durable solid plastic composite material. These replicas have no moving parts however they do hold an excellent role within various training situations where a solid dummy weapon is required. We can provide these solid dummy training aids for any type of weapon needed.

  • OTA-RWS36-WFC PM Soviet Pistol – Winter Forest Camo $230.80
  • OTA-RWS36-R PM Soviet Pistol – Red $143.80
  • OTA-RWS36-LFC PM Soviet Pistol – Light Forest Camo $230.80
  • OTA-RWS36-DSC PM Soviet Pistol – Desert Sand Camo $230.80
  • OTA-RWS36-DFC PM Soviet Pistol – Dark Forest Camo $230.80
  • OTA-RWS36-B PM Soviet Pistol – Blue $143.80
  • OTA-RWS36 PM Soviet Pistol – Black $114.80