MP5 (Full Stock)


MP5 (Full Stock) – Solid Dummy Replica

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MP5 (Full Stock) – Solid Dummy Replica

Made of extremly durable hard urethane plastic. Very heavy duty solid dummy is excellent for excessive training, and will last for years of continued use.

  • OTA-RWS10-WFC MP5 (Full Stock) – Solid Dummy Replica – Winter Forest Camo $347.80
  • OTA-RWS10-R MP5 (Full Stock) – Red $299.80
  • OTA-RWS10-LFC MP5 (Full Stock) – Light Forest Camo $347.80
  • OTA-RWS10-DSC MP5 (Full Stock) – Desert Sand Camo $347.80
  • OTA-RWS10-DFC MP5 (Full Stock) – Dark Forest Camo $347.80
  • OTA-RWS10-B MP5 (Full Stock) – Blue $299.80
  • OTA-RWS10 MP5 (Full Stock) – Black $275.80


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