M16 A2 (Bayonet Trainer)


M16 A2 (Bayonet Trainer) – Solid Dummy Replica

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M16 A2 (Bayonet Trainer) – Solid Dummy Replica

This item is the first commercially available solid dummy rifle designed for use in bayonet training, capable of accepting a real bayonet or Inert Products Replica Bayonet (OTA-RWS101).

Features a full metal front site, bayonet lug, barrel, and flash hider. Hard urethane plastic will not break or crack. Very heavy duty solid dummy is excellent for excessive training, and will last for years of continued use.

  • OTA-RWS11BAY-R M16A2 (Bayonet Trainer) – Red $633.80
  • OTA-RWS11BAY-B M16A2 (Bayonet Trainer) – Blue $633.80
  • OTA-RWS11BAY M16A2 (Bayonet Trainer) – Black $609.80
  • OTA-RWS11B-WFC M16A2 (Bayonet Trainer) – Winter Forest Camo $705.80
  • OTA-RWS11B-LFC M16A2 (Bayonet Trainer) – Light Forest Camo $705.80
  • OTA-RWS11B-DSC M16A2 (Bayonet Trainer) – Desert Sand Camo $705.80
  • OTA-RWS11B-DFC M16A2 (Bayonet Trainer) – Dark Forest Camo $705.80