Accurate: Auto Detect, Density, X-Ray,?Zeff
Technology: Backscatter, Computed Tomography, Single and Multiple X-Ray Generator Systems.

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Accurate: Auto Detect, Density, X-Ray,?Zeff
Technology: Backscatter, Computed Tomography, Single and Multiple X-Ray Generator Systems.

Designed by master Explosive Ordnance Technicians alongside chemical engineers to be a necessary overall training aid for security checkpoints, the Inert Threat Screening Kit is entirely composed of inert weapons and explosives. Inside the provided carrying case are various types of hand guns, knives, grenades, pipe bombs, firing circuits, dynamites, plastic explosives, low explosives, blasting caps, and other miscellaneous inert threats, totaling 70 items. Using these items, instructors have the ability to continually build new devices to present to students, covering all major threats seen in security checkpoints.

These items are density,?Zeff, and X-ray correct to the real threats with which they are associated.

? Qty ?Part NamePart Number
Inert Pipe Bombs
1Metal Pipe Assembly, LargeTSK0100
1Metal Pipe Assembly, SmallTSK0200
1PVC Pipe IED Assembly, LargeTSK0300
1PVC Pipe IED Assembly, SmallTSK0400
Inert Hand Grenades
?1M67 GrenadeTSK0008
1MK-2 GrenadeTSK0005
1M26 GrenadeTSK0006
Inert Hand Guns
?1Semi-Automatic 380 PistolTSK0600
138 Caliber RevolverTSK0650
1Semi-Automatic 9mm PistolTSK3700
Inert Knives
1Inert Assorted KnivesTSK4900
Mini Snap Blade KnifeTSK0014
Folding Jack Knife (3 Blades)TSK0015
Folding Knife (3″)TSK0016
Folding Knife (2″)TSK0017
Folding Knife (1″)TSK0018
1Lexan Knife (11″)TSK0019
1Ceramic Paring KnifeTSK0020
Inert Firing Circuits
1RCIED Cell Phone Trigger AssemblyTSK0800
1Electronic Time Delay AssemblyTSK0900
1PIR Motion Sensor Light AssemblyTSK1100
1Suicide Switch AssemblyTSK1111
1Mechanical Time Delay AssemblyTSK1200
1Vibration Sensor AssemblyTSK2400
X-Ray Shielding
1Lead Sheet 8″ x 4″ X 1/16″TSK3100
Inert Dynamites
?1PE-4, LongTSK1300
1PE-4, ShortTSK1400
1TNT Cast BoosterTSK1500
1El-Blasto DynamiteTSK1600
3Nitro DynamiteTSK1700
1Dynamite, Military, M1TSK1800
1Ammonium DynamiteTSK1900
1Extra Gelatin Nitro DynamiteTSK2000
Inert Plastic Explosives
1SEMTEX-H AssemblyTSK2100
1M112 Block (C-4) AssemblyTSK2200
1Plastic Explosives AssemblyTSK2300
1Detonation CordTSK4100
1Deta Sheet ExplosiveTSK8040
1Cast TNT AssemblyTSK4200
1Semtex-10 AssemblyTSK4600
Inert Blasting Caps
5Non-Electrical Blasting CapTSK2500
3Commercial Electrical Blasting CapTSK2800
3Military Electrical Blasting CapTSK2900
3Improvised Blasting CapsTSK3000
3Cardboard TATP Blasting CapTSK4700
3Electric Match/SquibTSK4800
Inert Low Explosives
1Smokeless PowderTSK3300
1Black PowderTSK3400
1Time FuseTSK3500
1Hobby FuseTSK3600
Inert Miscellaneous Threats
1Frag SleeveTSK3200
1Cell Phone Stun GunTSK3800
1Pepper SprayTSK3900?