Accurate: Auto Detect, Density,?Zeff
Technology: Backscatter, Computed Tomography

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Accurate: Auto Detect, Density,?Zeff
Technology: Backscatter, Computed Tomography

A one-of-a-kind teaching aid that contains a complete array of IED firing circuits to help familiarize security officers with the components of IED circuitry and device detonation. Circuit boards are visually detailed and X-ray correct to help students readily identify the critical components of an IED.

Inert IED Circuit Boards Kit
? Qty ? Part Name Part Number
Inert Circuit Boards
1 Inert?Mouse Trap Switch ICK1100
1 Inert Clothespin Switch ICK1150
1 Inert Wireless Door Bell ICK2200
1 Inert Vibration Anti-Movement Switch ICK2250
?1 Inert Magnetic Reed Switch ICK3300
1 Inert RCIED Cell Phone ICK3350
1 Inert RCIED Radio ICK4400
?1 Inert LRCT ICK4450
1 Inert PIR Motion Sensor ICK5500
1 Inert Homemade Pressure Switch ICK5550
1 Inert Micro Switch (Pressure/Pressure Release) ICK6600
1 Inert Digital Timer ICK6650
1 Inert Ball Tilt Switch ICK7700
1 Inert Electronic Time Delay ICK7750
1 Inert Mechanical Time Delay I ICK8800
1 Inert Mechanical Time Delay II ICK8850
1 Inert Homemade Vibration Switch ICK9900
1 Inert Radio Controlled (Servo Switch) ICK9910
1 Inert Electric Temperature Switch ICK9915
1 Inert Mechanical Temperature Switch ICK9920
1 Inert Mercury Tilt Switch ICK9925
1 Inert Light Sensitive Photocell ICK9930
1 Inert Wire Loop Switch ICK9935
1 Inert Non-Electronic Firing Display ICK9950


DSA Detection


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