Inert Foot Powder Bottle IED


Accurate: Auto Detect, Density, X-Ray,?Zeff
Technology: Backscatter, Computed Tomography, Single and Multiple X-Ray Generator Systems

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This IED Training Device is X-ray correct and will respond in the X-ray exactly like a real IED would. This device can be used to train security screeners who operate X-ray systems in a classroom setting or for penetration testing. These IED training devices can be used by EOD Technicians for render safe training conducting X-ray and disruptor techniques. These training devices can be used to validate your screening systems ability to automatically detect these threats. This will allow you to streamline your procedures based on how they respond in that screening system. If these training devices will not AutoDetect in your system then a real device will also not detect.

Explosive: Emulsion
Firing Circuit: Vibration Sensor
Power Source: 2 AA Batteries
Blasting Cap: Commercial Blasting Cap