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The 7858VI combines the VI Series performance with a larger screening capacity. The 7858VI has a dynamic look with a stainless steel frame panels and a Mobile Monitor Stand, complimented by an impressive suite of software and hardware advancements for unrivaled image manipulation and quality.

With its ideal design, the 7858VI maximizes baggage and small parcel screening with a minimized system profile. Matched with VI Series technology and a standard 180 kV generator, the 7858VI boasts heightened material identification and increased throughput. The 7858VI is your solution to sleek screening of larger objects with fast and accurate threat detection.

X-Ray Generator

• Voltage: 180kV, Operating at 165kV


• Processor: Intel® Core i7 2.93 GHz 8MB cache

• Memory: 4 GB RAM at 1333 MHz

• Platform: Windows® 7

• Backup: Uninterrupted Power Supply (Full System Operation- 3 min)


• Display Type: Dual 22” LCD Color Monitors (Jitter Free)


Tunnel Size (W x H):

77.5 cm x 58.3 cm cm/ 30.5” x 23”

Dimensions (L x W x H):

188 cm x 103 cm x 139.4 cm/ 74” x 40.5” x 54.9”

X-ray Generator:

Dual 180kV, Operating at 165kV