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OPFOR Mines Effects Simulation

Set up the training for a small team or a larger multi-units training scenario, by adding other AP/AT mines, booby traps, OPFOR small arms weapons, RPG simulators and more. The system is mobile and can be setup at any of your training locations in less than 30 minutes depending on the number of devices used. The kit is also compatible and can be integrated with other Weapons Effects Simulation (WES) training systems currently in operation.

Plug & Play

Rain or snow, nothing will prevent you from conducting your training. No need for a complex infrastructure or command center, just plan your exercise, plant the mines and follow troops movement, hits and much more in real-time. The OPFOR-MES kit is also used to confirm counter-mine training and route clearance operations for dismounted troops in a hostile environment scenario, where you come across various AP/AT mines and Tripwire devices.

Upgrade your training

The MKDS OPFOR Mines Effects Simulation (MES) training kit was developed to help conduct realistic force-on-force field training exercises where AP/AT mines and tripwire devices are used extensively. Plan an exercise, track movement and register team hits in real-time. Upgrade to include vehicle hit sensors, OPFOR Small arms fire, and RPG Simulators, and Smoke cartridge for Battlefield effects.


Tablet with Software
Operational app with built in WIfi
MON-50 Simulator
TM62M AT Mine Simulator
PMN2 AP Mine Simulator
F1 Grenade Simulator
Vest and Helmet Cover with Hit sensors
Embedded speakers for battlefield effects
WIFI Repeater Kit, 250m range
Portable charger for up to 20 devices
Rugged transport / storage Case

Other available custom mines:
TM-72 AT , PMA-2 AP, VS-50 AP mines

Realism and Ruggedness

The Training devices in this kit are made with the same characteristics and functionality of the actual mines they are simulating. No need for external support or on-site tech, upgrade the kit and add hit sensors for Armored vehicles and tanks for a larger training environment, and add unlimited number of mines and devices to meet your training needs, while extending your connected terrain by to up to 2.5km. 

System Features

MON-50 Simulator

Simulates the actual MON-50 combat version at a range of approximately 50 meters in a 54° angle, and can also be deployed using an electric detonator simulator with tension sensor for tripwire (included), or simulate a controlled detonation initiated by the operator. Included an NM electric igniter, MD-5M Detonators and Metal mounting clamp. 

  • Speaker for Battlefield Effects embedded
  • Operating Temp: -20°C to +40°C
  • Battery life before recharge: up to 12 hrs
  • Weight: 2Kg

TM62M AT Mine Simulator

Simulates the actual TM-62M AT mines with removable fuze. This device can be used in snow, water and buried under ground. It’s initiated when a personnel carrier/Armored vehicle drives over it, or any other object applying pressure of 150-200 kg on top of the fuze. Extremely Rugged, made specifically for military field exercises.

  • Metal Casing w/removable fuze
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +40°C
  • Battery life up to 8.0hrs
  • Weight: 10.5Kg

PMN2 AP Mine Simulator

Simulates a pressure type AP PMN2 mine and is equipped with a functional pressure plate that is triggered Upon applying 15-25kg of pressure on top of the mine. Mine can be placed in the ground and snow, and can connect to a smoke grenade for additional battlefield effects.

F1 Grenade Simulator

Simulates a blast radius of an actual F1 grenade, and will signal a hit within the blast radius when initiated (Pin is removed) or use it in tripwire mode for additional training scenarios.


Camo or regular color vest containing the control unit and 12 Hit sensors, and a small speaker for battlefield effects.


The system uses digital signal transmission technology to communicate between the training devices, hit sensors worn by the operators and the application on the tablet. The software allows you to plan an exercise, track unit(s) movements, and record team hits in real-time.