Training and Exercise Platforms

Naval Mines

The Advanced Multi-Influence Exercise Mine (MINEA) is an underwater naval exercise mine outfitted with sensors for detecting and processing all magnetic, electric, acoustic, and seismic influences, and a sonar detector.

Mine Warfare Training

MINEA naval mines from SAES are the most advanced smart marine mines manufactured today. They are used in training exercises of MCM ships’ crews to provide deeper insight into mine hunting and neutralization TTPs. Models include Moored Mine, Low-Profile mine and Cylindrical Bottom Mine, each specifically designed in order to meet different operational scenarios and conditions.

The MINEA naval mines can be easily deployed from any type of surface ship using cranes, rails or ramps. The cylindrical bottom mine is specially designed for deployment from a submarine’s torpedo tube. Once an exercise has concluded, recovering is simple thanks to an automatic system that does not require divers, neither using pyrotechnics nor expendables.

Current versions include; MINEA naval mine exercise platform, INERT non-functional units/Cutaways, Combat version.


  • Triaxial magnetic sensor.
  • Triaxial electric sensor, UEP and ELFE.
  • Acoustic sensor.
  • Triaxial seismic sensor (except moored mine)
  • Pressure sensor.
  • Counter-detection mechanisms.
  • Advanced algorithms capable of interrelating the various signals of influence.


Its dimensions and light weight enable easy transport and deployment. It is used by combat divers in covert underwater operations to neutralize threats or for underwater cargo demolition.