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About MKDS

MKDS Training is a recognized market leader in delivering Counter-Terrorism solutions, specialist consultancy, Strategic operational support and training. We provide government agencies and International corporations with strategic advisory services to help manage and reduce their risks from acts of terrorism, protect their assets, and adapt to the ever-changing operational needs. MKDS offers training courses on applications and security protocols to various types of screening equipment. With our experience we can offer you everything from operator to maintenance training courses. With Global presence through our regional offices and network of representatives, we are able to respond to client requirements in a fast timely manner.




MKDS staff Consist of a strong team of experts from a wide range of disciplines both technical and military. Our team represents years of practical, real life experience in counter terrorism operations, from many hotspots around the globe. Our Certified trainers and security consultants have been actively involved in conducting in-depth counter terrorism assessments, and delivering training courses that are proving invaluable to our clients. MKDS Training instructors are Subject Matter Experts with world knowledge operational experience in High Risk Search Operations Route Clearance and IEDD.
Training can be modular depending on resources, time available and student numbers. MKDS can provide MTT to deliver training at home station with realistic training scenarios and final exercises to confirm: check on learning. You can choose from our standard course program or build your own from our modular menu approach.





MKDS instructors have demonstrated proven professional experience in the full spectrum of C-IED operations, namely:

Prediction, Prevention, Protection, Detection, Neutralization, Exploitation



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