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This course will train students on how to plan and conduct a High Risk Search mission in support of a National Security event. Students will receive expert training in both theory and practical lessons. They will then conduct practical assessments and be tested during a final training exercise.


MKDS Training instructors are Subject Matter Experts with world knowledge operational experience in High Risk Search Operations Route Clearance and IEDD.


• MKDS can provide MTT to deliver training at home station
• Realistic training scenarios and final exercises to confirm: check on learning
• Choose from our standard course program or build your own from our modular menu approach




As part of the training the students will be exposed to the following:
• Hands on training with various explosive detector kits and search tools
• Exposure to different IED components & Switches
• Practical Exercises to evaluate the training being taught
• Expert training and real life discussions on lessons learned from real life incidents


    • IED Components
    • HME Dangers
    • Blast Effects
    • Threat Mitigation
    • Evidence Collection & Preservation
    • Actions on Find
    • Person Search Techniques
    • Vehicle Search Techniques
    • Route Search Techniques
    • Area Search Techniques
    • Venue Search Techniques
    • Venue Search Planning
  • Instructional Methods

    Training will be conducted through lectures in a classroom environment, Case studies, table-top exercises and field training utilizing functional Inert training devices, and conducting search exercises.


"Very Professional, the instruction was very accurate with vital information. Excellent Course."

J.L.: Canadian Forces CBRN Academy

"Excellent course, well conducted by a very experienced trainer. To be recommended to all people that have to deal with CIED exploitation issues"

LtCol. E.P.: JFC Brunssum - NATO

"This course is an exceptional overview of WIT Team capabilities and requirements. It is a perfect course for anyone involved in the IED fight".

Major J.T. Palmer: US Army Europe

"Training was excellent. Thorough and current to today's threats. I would recommend it to the members of my unit"

Sgt. L.W.: 2 CER - Canadian Forces

"I found this course to be very informative and a great tool and information that can be utilized in the Field"

S.R.: Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)