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high risk CIED Dismounted Search

This course will will teach Combat Troops skills and proceduresto allow them to operate more effectively as dismounted Troops in an IED environment. 


We must ensure a good understanding of the enemy TTP`s when emplacing IED`s within the battlespace. Every precaution should be taken to mitigate the risk before any approach is made to an area where we suspect that an IED may be placed.


• MKDS can provide MTT to deliver training at home station
• Realistic training scenarios and final exercises to confirm: check on learning
• Choose from our standard course program or build your own from our modular menu approach.




As part of the training the students will be exposed to the following:
• Functional Inert IED training devices
• Enemy TTP`s when emplacing IED`s
• “Hands on” Exercises using Hook & Line, Sickle Stick & Metal Detectors
• Vehicle load plans when working in a CIED environment
• Terrain analysis exercises
• Mission exercise threat assessments
• Ground sign awareness field exercises


    • IED Components
    • Enemy Method of Attack
    • Threat Assessment
    • Intro to IED Trigger Mitigation
    • Ground Sign awareness
    • Hook & Line/Sickle Stick Training
    • 5 C's
    • Unoccupied Building Search Threats
    • EOD 9 Line Report
    • IED Vehicle Load Plans
    • Terrain Analysis to Identify VA & VP Areas
    • VA/VP Crossing Drills
    • Metal Detector Training
    • 1 + 1 Rule & IED Confirmation Drills
  • Instructional Methods

    Training will be conducted through lectures in a classroom environment, Case studies, table-top exercises and field training utilizing functional Inert training devices, and conducting search exercises.


"Very Professional, the instruction was very accurate with vital information. Excellent Course."

J.L.: Canadian Forces CBRN Academy

"Excellent course, well conducted by a very experienced trainer. To be recommended to all people that have to deal with CIED exploitation issues"

LtCol. E.P.: JFC Brunssum - NATO

"This course is an exceptional overview of WIT Team capabilities and requirements. It is a perfect course for anyone involved in the IED fight".

Major J.T. Palmer: US Army Europe

"Training was excellent. Thorough and current to today's threats. I would recommend it to the members of my unit"

Sgt. L.W.: 2 CER - Canadian Forces

"I found this course to be very informative and a great tool and information that can be utilized in the Field"

S.R.: Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)