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Counter-Suicide Bomber Operations

The suicide IED is one of the most dangerous and effective weapon systems facing civilized societies today. Suicide IEDs have become the terrorists’ preferred weapon of choice. They are inexpensive, relatively easy to produce, difficult to counter and have a palpable risk/reward ratio for the terrorist. As seen in contemporary conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, IED attacks can also have a destabilizing and destructive effect on deployed forces engaged in coalition stability operations and nation-building efforts. Crucially, they present a significant threat to bomb squads and CT planners both in the homeland and on deployed operations. In particular, the threat from suicide bombers presents a significant challenge in terms of tactics, techniques and procedures, as well as wider policy and equipment procurement issues.




  • Course Outline

    • Introduction to the Psychology of Suicide Terrorism
    • Counter-Suicide Bomber Concept of Operations
    • Introduction to explosives and components used in suicide IEDs
    • Pre-attack indicators associated with suicide terrorism
    • Suicide bomber behavioural pattern indicators (BPI’s)
    • Pre-Attack Countermeasures, Issues and Responses
    • Suicide IED Effects: Introduction to Air Blast and Post-Blast Pathology
    • Countering the suicide bomber threat at the strategic level
    • Stealthy device neutralisation • Introduction to Clandestine Counter
    • Suicide Bomber Operations
    • Introduction to special weapons and equipment used in Counter
    • Counter-measures deployment and considerations
    • Countering the suicide bomber threat at the operational level: Attacking the network
    • Threat assessment and management: Risk reduction measures for suicide-bomber interdiction operations
    • Countering the suicide bomber threat at the tactical level (predictive and responsive operations)
  • Objective

    To introduce counter-terrorism operators and commanders to a range of overt and covert skills required to defeat suicide bombers in both permissive and hostile environments. The Counter-Suicide Bomber Operations and Planning course introduces delegates to a number of scenarios in the form of case studies, field training exercises as well as outlining the tactics, techniques and procedures necessary to assist operators/planners in the defeat of suicide bombers in both permissive and hostile environments.
    At the conclusion of this course, delegates will be able to offer advice on all necessary planning considerations required for the successful defeat of suicide bombers across the full spectrum of operations.
  • Instructional Methods

    The course will be delivered to students through lectures in a classroom setting, using functional inert devices, table-top and field exercises.

Training Concept

The Counter Suicide Bomber course is the direct product of experience and expertise in combating and minimizing the threat of IEDs to operational forces as well as to the civilian population. The methods and tactics taught in this course have been developed and perfected over many years through countless wartime combat and counterterrorist operations. The course introduces IED operators and tactical commanders to a range of overt and covert techniques used in the rapid assessment and neutralization of suicide devices, encountered during hostage rescue and counter-suicide bomber operations, both in the homeland and on combat operations.


"Very Professional, the instruction was very accurate with vital information. Excellent Course."

J.L.: Canadian Forces CBRN Academy

"Excellent course, well conducted by a very experienced trainer. To be recommended to all people that have to deal with CIED exploitation issues"

LtCol. E.P.: JFC Brunssum - NATO

"This course is an exceptional overview of WIT Team capabilities and requirements. It is a perfect course for anyone involved in the IED fight".

Major J.T. Palmer: US Army Europe

"Training was excellent. Thorough and current to today's threats. I would recommend it to the members of my unit"

Sgt. L.W.: 2 CER - Canadian Forces

"I found this course to be very informative and a great tool and information that can be utilized in the Field"

S.R.: Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)