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MKDS understands that our clients are extremely busy and any time that is scheduled for training has to be used in order to gain maximum goals. As a result of research in this area we are now able to offer modular specific tailor made training as well as our standard training courses. We will work with you to create unique tailored specific training for your needs.


MKDS Training High Risk Search and CIED Training Program introduces delegates to a number of scenarios in the form of case studies and field exercises, as well as outlining the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) necessary to conduct High Threat Search Operations, and provide an in depth look at what constitutes an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), outlining explosive types, homemade explosives (HMEs) recognition and indicators and explosive effects and how they are deployed in conflict areas and in urban environment.


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MKDS instructors have demonstrated proven professional experience in the full spectrum of C-IED operations, namely:

Prediction | Prevention | Protection | Detection | Neutralization | Exploitation



Build your course based on our Modular Mission Specific Training approach

• IED Components • Docs and Media Exploitation • Person Search • Hazardous Environment Search 
• IED Trigers • Tactical Questioning • Vehicle Search • Metal Detector Training
• IED Emplacement TTP's • Interpreter Integration  • Route Search Techniques|Dismounted • Explosive Detector Training 
• IED Threat Assessment • Dismounted CIED Threat Mitigation Drills  • Area Search Techniques   • Hook & Line Training 
• IED - 5C's • Action on a Find  • Building Search Techniques  • Sickle Stick Training
• IED Confirmation Drills • Crime Scene Documentation  • Venue Search Techniques  • 5 & 25 M Drills 
• CIED Enablers • Home Made Explosives | Basic • Venue Search Planning  • CIED Field Training Kit
• Dismounted CIED Operations • Home Made Explosives | Advanced • Vessel Search Techniques  • Unexploded Ordnance Identification
• Terrorist/Adversary Threat Assessment • Blast Effects • Tactical Site Exploitation | Search  • UXO Disposal Techniques
• Threat Mitigation Process • Evidence Collection & Preservation  • Interpreter Integration • Mines Awareness
• Biometrics | Basic • Biometrics | Introduction • Field Forensics Training • Mines Disposal Techniques
• Build Electric & Non Electric Explosive Firing Circuits