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The MobileDetect Platform is an evolutionary product offering from DetectaChem, the industry leader in automated colorimetric detection of both drugs and explosives. Leveraging proven and court admissible chemistries, DetectaChem has developed a patented product called MobileDetect Pouches. These pouches offer the full gamut of chemistries that have been utilized by law enforcement and private industry for decades in the presumptive detection of narcotics under the standards from the National Institute of Justice Standard 0604.01 and/or UN Standard ST/NR/13REV1. DetectaChem has raised the bar with MobileDetect Pouches by adding a removable testing swab that allows for testing of non-visible or “trace” amounts of drugs. This capability has the potential of adding to the chain of evidence, enabling the linking of an illegal substance to a suspect via swabbing of hands, door knobs, car doors, driver’s license and more. It also greatly reduces the amount of substance needed to perform a test, thus leaving more evidence that may be used in a conviction.

The MobileDetect App employs the tried-and-true detection algorithms that have been developed over years of development and testing with numerous entities on DetectaChem’s current SEEKER line of automated colorimetric detectors including: TSA, NAVEODTECHDIV, ECAC, DSTL, FBI, DEA, among others. The MobileDetect App, which is available for download on both iOS and Android, automates the detection process of the MobileDetect Pouch. The App captures a picture of the Pouch and analyzes the reaction that has taken place on the testing swab. The MobileDetect App balances the image and adjusts for variations in situational lighting to make a more confident determination that removes the potential bias and variance in interpretation of the human eye. Once a result has been determined, the user can add other information such as additional pictures, notes along with the logged time, date and GPS location of the test. This data can be exported in a non-editable PDF in real time for sharing of results via numerous methods: email, text, Cloud based storage and more.



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