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EOD & Demining

Military Training Aids

Cargo & Checkpoint Security

Military Training Aids & Battlefield Effects

We take pride in providing our clients with the most innovative and high-quality Inert Training Aids, Replica weapon systems, and IED devices that are designed to provide a realistic training experience to Military and Law Enforcement personnel.

With MKDS, you gain access to the latest innovations designed to meet the demands of modern warfare.

MKDS is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge defense articles and military training solutions, empowering our clients to effectively address evolving challenges both domestically and in conflict zones. Our comprehensive product lineup spans Counter-IED solutions, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) equipment, as well as both ballistic and non-ballistic range capabilities. Additionally, we offer advanced battlefield simulation solutions to further enhance tactical preparedness.

Tactical Combat Training Solutions

Simulating realistic operational setting and supporting training in a wide range of scenarios, Trango’s training infrastructure is ideal for practicing combat skills in urban environment.

IED Electronics & Exploitation

“We offer unparalleled IED Electronics and Exploitation courses designed specifically for Military, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and Law Enforcement personnel. Whether you prefer on-site training at your home-base or joining us at MKDS in Montreal for our upcoming sessions, we cater to your needs.

Our course enhances the technical proficiency of personnel involved in combat missions with IEDs, focusing on EOD electronics and the latest enemy IED circuits. Contact us now to schedule your training and elevate your skills to the next level.”

IED Electronics & Exploitation

February 5-9.2024

IED Electronics & Exploitation

March 18-22.2024

Microcontrollers in Emerging Threats

May 20-24.2024
Montreal QC. | Class Full

OTAB Tactical Conference
MAY 15-16 2024 | Blue Mountain Resort ON

RAMPART Range Day & Expo
MAY 28, 2024 | Ottawa ON


Global Defence Trade Show
May 29-30.2024 | Ottawa ON

Microcontrollers in Emerging Threats

August 05-09.2024
Montreal QC.

Explosive Ordnance Training (EOT)

August 12-16.2024
Montreal QC. | Class Full

Security screening solutions for aviation, air cargo, military, law enforcement, correctional services and other mission-critical applications.

Portability, accuracy and quick analysis make SEEKERe the ideal solution for bomb squads, law enforcement and military applications.

High quality material produced by Real Factory backed by support of our expert consultants to fulfill a whole range of applications in the market.


The UNIT4 Training Rifle has been specifically engineered to allow police, military and professional trainers to practice techniques and tactics safely, affordably and more frequently.  It can be safely deployed outside of traditional flat ranges or shoot houses, allowing for more opportunities to train in more realistic settings. Contact us for a demo unit.


Our staff Consist of a strong team of experts from a wide range of disciplines both technical and military. Our team represents years of practical, real life experience in counter terrorism operations, from many hotspots around the globe with world knowledge operational experience in High Risk Search Ops, WIT, IED Electronics and IEDD Operations.